CBSE Affiliation

CBSE Affiliation Code
The board would provide affiliations to the government and government aided schools; autonomous organizations, which would be controlled by the government; private educational institutions, recognized by the state government; society religious institutions, etc. which are included in the Bye-laws of the board. There are three types of affiliations, namely, provisional affiliations, regular affiliations and permanent affiliations. The provisional affiliations are granted to the institutions for a span of three years, provided they strictly adhered to the norms and conditions of the Bye-laws of the board. The regular affiliations are granted to the government and government aided institutions, who are fulfilling the Bye-laws perfectly; this is granted at one time and there would not be any need for these institutions to apply for extension; however, they would be asked to remit the annual fee, as prescribed in the Bye-laws. The permanent affiliation is rendered for public undertakings; private institutions, recognized by the state governments, etc. It also provides such affiliation to the schools, which are provisionally affiliated to the board for more than 10 years, standing by the Bye-laws, all the time. The Bye-laws include many standard features, which has to be satisfied by the institutions that are requesting the affiliations from the board. Such features are described as follows:
Infrastructure facilities
  • · The institutions must have a library with a minimum size of 14m. X 8m.; full equipped with
      quality reading facilities; cleanliness, etc.
  • ·  The classrooms must have a minimum size of 8m X 6m (approximately 500. sq. ft.).
  • ·   Provisions for quality Math lab and Computer lab.
  • ·   Provisions for well-equipped Science lab with a minimum capacity of 9m. X 6m. There must be
         separate Science labs for senior secondary standards, i.e. separate lab for physics, chemistry
         and  biology and the availability of composite Science lab for secondary levels.
General features
  • ·  Proper office maintenance; proper maintenance of admission and withdrawal registers.
  • ·  Excellent maintenance of service records of the teachers.
  •    Proper admission procedures for teachers, according to the pay scales; flawless delivery of
        allowances, DA, etc.
Quality of Education
The schools that are seeking the permanent affiliation must follow the Bye-laws of the board in implementing the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) based education system till VIII standard; no provisions of home works till II standards; proper maintenance of internal assessments and academic records…
           The average result of the school for the last three years must not be less than the prescribed
            Board’s average in the X and XII examinations.