Games and Sports


The following  students of KV Malda has participated in various games and at various levels.CRICKET - Students of this vidyalaya took part in North - Bengal pool matches held at different KVs of north bengal

Result -Cricket Under - 19 ---- Runners up

Cricket Under 16 ------ Runners up

Five students of each group participated in the Regional team and U-19 won the inter regional cricket competition and further 3 students of the vidyalaya participated in the K.V.S. national cricket tournament under Kolkata Regional team and glorified the region by wining the KVs National Championship  title 2007-08

KHO-KHO - Total two teams of boys & girls team participated . the norht bengal pool matches and girls team won the pool championship and one of the participant(girl) played under regional team and took part inter region tournament held at Patna, 2007-08.

Taikwando : Five student of our vidyalaya participated in the regional competition and one of the student got selection in the Kolkata Regional team 2007-08 and participated in the K.V.S. national meet of Games& Sports held under Bhopal Region.

Athletics - Boys participants(06) participated in the regional athletic meet 2007-08 held at K.V. no 2 Salt Lake.

Annual Sports Days Celebration 2007-08 : It has been decided that  annual sports day meet 2007-08 will be held on 6th  & 7th December.

Inter House Competition: Total students of this vidyalaya have been divided under four houses. thereafter each house students are classified under three groups (I-V,VI-VIII & IX to XII). As per mentioning,students of the vidyalaya keep interest to participate in the in the activites of games like fottball,volletyball,kho-kho,kabaddi,cricket,badminton ,handball,carrom competition etc.